Wedding Counseling

Premarital Counseling

Since it is our purpose to prepare couples for marriage as well as to perform the ceremony which unites them in marriage, the church requires all couples to spend a minimum of three (3) counseling sessions to discuss various aspects of marriage and life together. These sessions will be held with the officiating pastor or with another trained counselor, pending the couple’s permission.  At least one additional session with the Wedding Director will be required to plan the ceremony.  These sessions are arranged at your convenience when you first contact the pastor and should begin a minimum of three (3) months prior to the wedding date.  A background information form is requested from a couple that asks about each person’s faith history.  The pastor does not officiate at weddings in which one person is a born-again believer and the other person is not a believer. Changes and situations not covered in the above policy must have prior approval from the officiating pastor.
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Premarital Counseling Covenant

A covenant is a binding agreement.  It is our desire to not merely perform a wedding ceremony, but to prepare people for a lifetime of marriage.  In order to best facilitate this, we require a minimum of three (3) counseling sessions with the pastor or another trained counselor.  This includes the PREPARE Inventory computer profile of the couple, which is to be paid by the couple at the first counseling session. Also, since it is our desire as a church to honor God with all our ministries, including weddings, we have here outlined some of the responsibilities of the couple that we feel will best honor and represent our Lord.  This covenant also represents our desire to serve you, not only in your wedding, but also in your spiritual growth as individuals and as a couple.  It assures you of having the best start possible for your marriage.  Any questions or hesitations you may have should be directed to the officiating pastor.

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